Aesthetic Medicine in Poland

dr Ilona Osadowska · 2018-11-18 (akt.)

Welcome to the Dr Osadowska Clinic. 
Our aim is to make you look and feel your best at any age. We have have a variety of rejuvenation programmes for both the face and body, with an emphasis on natural-looking results. Our treatments range from injectables, lasers, liposuction and much more. Ever expanding, Dr Osadowska has three clinics in Poland - Szczecin being her most recent branch - with dedicated and experienced medical teams and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.


Body Jet efekty liposukcja

Dr Ilona Osadowska with liposuction devices - SmartLipo, LipoLife, Body Jet. Clinic in Szczecin, Operation Room. (C) 2017 Dr. Ilona Osadowska.



Liposuction and Fat Transfer

We use either LipoLife, Body Jet or SmartLipo, depending on individual clients needs. Modern procedures are gentle these days, so liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic, and clients find they can go home within 2-3 days, and back to work within 1-3 days.

Some clients like the fat to be transferred so it can be used for butt lifts or breast augmentation.

Angelina - BBL. June 2018.

Upper and Lower Eyelids

Dr Peter Krzywicki is our oculoplastic surgeon. Upper eyelids are usually treated by laser. Lower eyelids are done with a minor skin incision, with the option to partially remove any fat. Clients will have some bruising for 2 weeks, but the laser speeds up recovery times.


We use wide range of procedures - from biostimulation and own fat methods, as well as PRP, lifting threads as well as classic injectables  e.g. botox of all brands. 


We use a range of procedures including Fractional CO2 laser, SmartXide DOT by DEKA, Microneedling using the RF Infini, and we speed up recovery times with LED and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Varicose Veins

We use diagnostic (USG Doppler Colour), VenoSteam, a new, minimally invasive method, and classic sclerotherapy for smaller veins.



Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help. We offer a free initial consultation, so please send your photos* to us so we can advise.

Arthur, Customer Service Manager

+48 501 144 809 WhatsApp

*All photos are confidential.


Are you the Right Candidate for a Procedure? 

Please be aware that for various reasons, not every treatment is right for everyone. It’s at the doctors discretion to decide the best source of treatment for you, and we’ll offer alternatives whenever possible.

Travel, Procedures - Real Experiences. August 2017.


If you’re coming from abroad, we will arrange your accommodation, hotel / clinic transfers, so all you need to do is book your flight and send us the details.

Szczecin is our nearest airport (a 40 minute drive), with Ryanair flying from London Stansted a number of times per week.

We also do transfers from Berlin Schonefeld and Berlin Tegel (a 75 minute drive).


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