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Dr Osadowska Clinic · 588 · 2018-06-28 (akt.)

Posłuchaj opinii naszych brytyjskich gości - film na kanale YouTube

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Everything is very professional, very high quality, very state of the art. And the people doing work here, they know what they do.
John, UK. Plastyka powiek.

Initially I was a bit sensitive, then they would increase the anaesthetic. In one minute I was just lying there smiling.
Gema, UK. Liposukcja.

You see the preparation of the team and you know that you are in good hands. It surpassed my expectations. 
Andrea, Londyn UK. Liposukcja, 

I do not think that there is anywhere in England I could find that could come close to what I am offered here. 
Clemon, UK. Liposukcja.

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